STEP in to HistorY

Hotel Prästgården was built in 1852 and filled with rich history. Prästgården is Swedish for manse and has housed pastors and their families in the past. This old house holds lots of exciting stories. Who knows, if you listen carefully, you might hear some of them.

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7 double rooms and 4 single rooms for a fantastic time

Prästgården has nice double and single rooms with bathroom and shower. Some of the rooms got a view over Torne River and the island. If you are lucky, you might spot an elk in the morning hours. All rooms include breakfast.

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The mini-suite

Room 105 is our mini-suite for your fantastic stay. This suite has a balcony with a brilliant view over the river and the island. It also has a mini-bar and a cosy fireplace.

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Special services

For special services, please ask the reception. You may want to enjoy a glass of wine in the evening, or eat some food in your room. We will do our best to give you a fantastic time.